Introducing AirSafe from the Aircon Group

AirSafe and AllSafe, 100 per cent environmentally friendly viricides that are certified to kill enveloped viruses including coronavirus in a matter of minutes, have been launched by the Aircon Group.

“AllSafe and AirSafe are exclusive to The Aircon Group. We have made a considerable investment to ensure that our clients, who are at the heart of our business are Covid-19 safe”.

Should you allow us to apply AirSafe in your Air Conditioning systems you can be rest assured that your systems will be the cleanest they can be and air circulating from those systems will be treated for Covid-19 as well as other airborne viruses such as Influenza, Norovirus, MRSA.

AirSafe can also be applied to refrigerators in canteen and kitchen areas, adding greater protection to food safety and is food grade accredited (NSF Registered).

AllSafe can be applied to hard surfaces such as desks, chairs, door handles and light switches which are prone to high contact. AllSafe eliminates enveloped viruses such as Salmonella, Listeria, E-Coli and C-Diff.

Once applied, both products significantly improve surface protection and reduce the need for constant cleaning. When touched the particulate matter increases but within minutes AllSafe active ingredients reduce the particulate matter back to zero ensuring the safety of the next individual to come in to contact with that surface.

We are so confident in our unique product, we will issue you a certificate of compliance which can be displayed in your premises or sent to staff to offer further reassurance.

For more information on purchasing AllSafe and AirSafe, please contact us today.