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About Aircon Group

Whatever it takes, we go beyond that and further. In partnership with you, the long-established Aircon Group are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the highest possible standards and expectations to provide you with the one-stop-shop solution you require. All of your requirements are covered.

A continuous business for over 50 years, our excellent customer service and willingness to go that extra mile have never wavered – a huge advantage in all of our current successful working relationships, as well as to new customers no matter how small or large.

Our meticulous approach to delivering any solution follows laid-down, professional procedures based on the highest quality. It is methodically designed around the parameters of formal accredited ISO systems.

We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects using our customer-focused core values and responsibilities, including honesty and integrity, open communication, responsibility to Health and Safety, training and reviews, and provide first-class technical advice and expertise.

Aircon Group is honoured by the quality and excellence of the service we deliver and the difference we make to all of our customers, old and new. Our support, added value, and robust and unparalleled 24/7 rapid response give us a great sense of pride.

It is of the greatest importance to us to understand exactly the type of service you need. We can design, install, and commission all systems that are capable of providing room by room heating or cooling, as well as all refrigeration and chiller requirements.

Whether it be to service or repair a single unit in a room, install a full heating/cooling system for different temperatures in your building, no matter the scope, or to design and install a whole new system, whether it be refrigeration, heating, or air conditioning, we have the expertise and capability to fulfil these requirements. We are always seeking the most innovative ways to meet customer needs.

Therefore, we are independent in the marketplace, offer a variety of different products and solutions, always recommend the product that best fits our customer’s requirements.


At Aircon Group, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional levels of customer service in; Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Commercial Heating, Mechanical and Electrical Services – which we have done for over 50 years. Our focus is on Yorkshire and the North East, but we provide services across the whole of the UK.


Humble Beginnings

Marton Refrigeration was established with two employees.


First Re-Brand

Marton Refrigeration changes its name to Aircon Refrigeration, with a total of six employees.


Further Growth

Acquisition of a Refrigeration company in Doncaster, growing the company and creating a new regional office.


New Office

Head Office moves to larger premises at Riverside Park in Middlesbrough, with a total of 40 employees.


Another New Office

Head Office moves to Teesside Industrial Estate in Stockton-on-Tees to reflect the growth of business and increase in staff (a total of 49 employees).


Diversification Leads to Aircon Group

Introduction of our Commercial Heating and Mechanical Services Department. Trading name changed to Aircon Group to reflect a variety of services we now provide.


Allied Become Part of Aircon Group

Acquisition of Allied Refrigeration in Ripon.


Launch of AirSafe

In response to the global pandemic, Aircon Group launch AirSafe and AllSafe.

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