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How Air Conditioning In Gyms Can Keep Your Customers Happy

Did you know that there is a 12% increase in gym memberships in January as people decide to hit the gym to get fit as part of their New Year resolutions? If you look after a gym, here is how you can use air conditioning to keep your customers happy and working their hardest.

Air conditioning can help people push it to the limit

Installing an air conditioner for temperature control can make for a safer and more comfortable workout environment. Cooler temperatures can allow avid gym-goers to train harder without suffering as much from the fatigue and headaches from overexertion in a hot environment.

Clients who work out too hard in high heat environments can suffer from dehydration, heat exhaustion and skin rashes caused by excessive sweating.

There is a prevalent belief that sweating more means burning more fat, which is not true. Although sweating can cause you to lose some water weight, you will put this back on as soon as you re-hydrate.

Air conditioning can reduce stickiness

If your gym is located in a commonly muggy area, an air conditioner can help regulate humidity by condensing hot, moist air out of the building.

Many air conditioning systems have a “dry mode”, which lets you run the air conditioning unit to reduce humidity in the air without over-cooling the environment. The key is to choose a correctly sized unit for the space and the amount of work it will have to do.

Taking humidity from the air reduces the stickiness, and physical discomfort people may feel during physical exertion. This results in members staying more comfortable and feeling more satisfied with their workout.

Air conditioning results in better air for everyone

Nearly every air conditioning system includes air filtration. This means you can actively purify the air in your gym while controlling the temperature.

Air filters can remove dust particles, pollen, pet fur, mites, and bacteria, leading to a healthier working environment for your staff and a cleaner workout space for your members.

If you have a maintenance plan with Aircon Group, our engineers will clean your filter for you as part of your annual or twice-yearly maintenance. It doesn’t take long to do and can be done outside of gym hours or in off-peak times not to disrupt gym-goers.

Aircon Group can offer a variety of cost-effective solutions for every budget and building type. If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a no-obligation quote.