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It’s Time For Change...

Upgrade to a Bio-Clean Today.

Can Kill 99.99% of Enveloped Viruses.

An all-new formula designed to kill COVID-19. Airsafe’s unique formula can kill 99.9% of viruses within 60 seconds and remains active for 6 months guaranteed unlike anything else on the market.

The gentle formula is safe to be used in all environments and is tested by independent labs to 6 BSEN standards and is pH neutral.

How Does It Work?

The application of AirSafe is very simple and requires no PPE. Our experienced Engineers will remove all of your unit’s outer casing so that they are able to thoroughly clean, wash, and vacuum all fans and coils. Finally, AirSafe is applied as a spray in order to coat all components of the equipment, excluding electrics. Your system will then be returned to normal operation.

How Do We Know This Is Safe?

Our solution is that safe, we put it in the name. We have outlined the important information so you know how safe AirSafe is for your business.


Carried out by EPA/FDA GLP-Compliant Microchem Laboratory

The AirSafe technology is the most effective water-based sanitiser technology available that fulfils surface disinfection standards (BSEN1500 AND BSEN13697).

BSEN Standards

Technology Inhibits Cross-Contamination

This process eliminated >99.95% of norovirus within 60 seconds of exposure and >99.99% within 2 minutes.

Safe and Comfortable To Use

It also addresses World Health Organisation’s call for new biocides in the fight against dangerous antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.

You’ll Also Receive an Accredited AirSafe Sticker

Once the procedure has taken place you’ll be rewarded an AirSafe certificate and door sticker to show customers that you have used AirSafe. The accredited door sticker that shows the customers that AirSafe has been applied will not only guarantee peace of mind for customers but will also show that you care about their health and safety whilst on the premises.

The super-effective risk-free, anti-microbial solution by Aircon Group is suitable to use in locations such as:

Aircon Group will now only conduct a deep clean of air conditioning systems, once this has been carried out and the equipment treated with AirSafe, premises are safe for 6 months – a great reassurance for employers planning to get staff back to work safely and for businesses who welcome customers into their premises.