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Bespoke Refrigeration Design

At Aircon Group, we employ Design Engineers whose job is to interpret our customer’s requirements and provide them with the most suitable bespoke refrigeration design solution to ensure the highest quality for their product, operation and ongoing running costs. We then plan, install and test to BS EN 378 and in line with the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and back this up with submission copies of all documentation from testing and commissioning.

Unlike in Air Conditioning, in Refrigeration there is no way to quickly size and spec a system, we never use Manufacturer’s Quick Selection Guides and for a good reason. We ask a multitude of thorough and specific questions, and where the scope is to replace, we observe the customer’s current operation carefully to allow us to produce a specific Heat Load Calculation to also specify the system design criteria.

For bespoke refrigeration design, the entire system is usually pieced together with different manufacturers’ equipment, whereas with Air Conditioning everything will come in boxes from Toshiba or Mitsubishi Electric etc. at a duty specified by them ready to install. From this, we can manipulate the performance of the refrigeration system collectively through the specific selection of each element depending on those specific design requirements.

Anyone who has ever left cooked chicken in their fridge at home without sealing it properly will have eaten dry chicken, this is just one of many factors we can try to help to design out of a system during this process.

Bespoke Refrigeration Design for cold storage is a very specific and technical exercise. There is no “one size fits all” solution to a walk-in cold room, be it a chill store or a freezer, we even size the pipework ourselves to ensure correct pressure drops and velocities are adhered to, and that the gauge of pipework is correct in line with the BS EN378 and the PED.

At Aircon Group, we will delve deep within your operation to ensure you receive a quotation for what is best for your business, a bespoke refrigeration design, and we will supply the heat load calculations to show it too. We are always happy to discuss any parts of our bespoke refrigeration designs, so don’t be shy to ask questions. With us, you can be safe in the knowledge that on the day of the summer solstice, at 32*C ambient with the full product, personnel and air change loads, your bespoke cold room will be at the set temperature keeping your product where it is supposed to be!

For Bespoke Refrigeration Design and Installation, contact us at Teesside 01642 249026 or South Yorkshire 01709 367001, email us at sales@aircongroup.com to obtain a free consultation and estimate or visit the website www.aircongroup.com for any further information.