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Commercial Refrigeration Repair

When times are tough, and budgets are tight, we understand that all outgoing capital investment and maintenance contracts can be scrutinised.

When you can repair instead of buying new, you can help save your business money in the short term, and when it comes to the repair of your commercial refrigeration units and systems, this is no exception. More often than not, the repair of your commercial refrigeration units and systems is a viable option when compared to buying new.

When your refrigeration systems aren’t working to their full potential, it can become quite costly when you are hit with the bill to replace your entire system or unit. This is where the team ar Aircon Group can help. Our fully trained engineers are available 24/7, giving you access to a repair team quickly if you have issues with your refrigeration systems.

In many industries, especially food and drink, it is vital that your refrigeration system is working to its full potential to ensure the quality of your product and energy efficiency. If not, there is a risk to loss of stock, time and money trying to survive without proper refrigeration. It is essential that you work with a company like Aircon Group, which have a proven track record of getting your refrigeration back up and running with little downtime and disruption to your business.

That is why when you have your refrigeration units repaired by the team at Aircon Group you can be assured that we have the skills, knowledge and experience to repair all types of commercial refrigeration systems, covering many different brands. And if the equipment has reached the end of life, our in-house design team are here to look after you in getting a new bespoke system installed – we do not select from quick selection guides!

Working with the team at Aircon Group means we can get you back online sooner rather than later, we have access to all supplier parts, and in the small possibility that we can’t get you back online straight away, we can order your parts quickly. In refrigeration, it does not matter whether we installed the system or not, all our engineers are fully trained and qualified to handle anything.

If your refrigeration systems have unfortunately failed, leaving you with goods that may perish and you need a quick solution while your systems are being repaired, Aircon Group can also deliver a mobile refrigerated trailer to your premises so you can be back up and running quickly and without the loss of stock, it is, in essence, a portable walk-in cold room capable of operating from +10*c right down to -20*c.

Obviously, continued planned maintenance of commercial refrigeration systems is key to the longevity of the units. Aircon Group also has maintenance contracts available for all of our clients.

With offices in Teesside covering the North East and Rotherham covering Yorkshire and further South, Aircon Group is the perfect solution for commercial refrigeration repair. If you need assistance with your refrigeration systems, contact us today.