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Do Not Leave Your Heating To Chance!

Aircon Group not only installs and services air conditioning, we also have an experienced and successful heating and mechanical team. Do not leave your heating to chance and let Aircon Group keep your working environment comfortable!

With a combined experience of thirty five years the team have worked in various industrial and commercial settings but at the moment you are more likely to find them in schools, all DBS checked and with certificates in Gas Safe, commercial catering, vented and unvented cylinders, water heaters, cookers, pipework, air handling units, convection heaters, circulation pumps, gas meters, radiant tube heaters, under floor heating and air source heat pumps.

Ross, our Education Liaison Executive has over twenty years’ experience working in schools and said it’s every child’s dream to have a day off because the heating is broken or the school has a leak, but on the other hand it’s every teachers nightmare as they would have to prepare lessons for online working which isn’t as effective as working in class, has an effect on the schemes of work, and for some of the pupils not gaining a full understanding of the topic.

We are aware that budgets for repair and maintenance can be tight but regular maintenance is proven to reduce the likelihood of a heating failure which can then lead to burst pipes and flooding for example, and overall, an increase in costs for reactive repairs. A failure on a maintained system is easier to explain to the Trust, the local authority, parents, and insurance companies but accountability questions arise when a failure occurs on a poorly maintained system.

Rising energy costs are of huge concern to schools, colleges, and universities; having a regular maintenance programme in place ensures that you are only paying what you have to and not a penny more, an unmaintained system can cost you 30% more to run, a regular maintenance programme also extends the life of your equipment. The energy bill relief scheme comes to an end in March so now is the perfect time to ensure your heating system is maintained and running to the best of its ability.

The Department for Education is allocating nearly £500m for UK schools and colleges to spend on energy efficiency initiatives which includes heating upgrades. There may only be 36 days left to apply for this round of funding, but we will do what we can to assist, the fund is available for water heaters, heating systems and ventilation. Get in touch today if you would like a site survey, a free quote and support to complete the funding application.

More information about our heating department can be found here: Heating Installation and Maintenance | Aircon Group

Don’t leave your heating to chance!