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Friday The 13th, What’s That Noise?

Some people suffer from Frigga triskaidekaphobia – fear of Friday 13th Are you one of those unfortunate people where something always goes wrong!

But then, weird things are supposed to happen. Aren’t they? Are you walking around in the darkness towards an odd sound?

There’s a continuous ‘knocking’ or ‘gurgling’ sound. It’s your boiler, has it broken down?

If the boiler on your premises is not properly serviced and maintained, a number of things could occur that bring nothing but such melancholy.

The common things to look or listen out for are the pilot light being extinguished, a loss of pressure, the radiators not heating, or simply that the boiler isn’t firing up.

In older boilers, a build-up of rust can quicken the deterioration which results in complete failure of pipes, and components.

But, what if yours is a newer boiler which has sprung a water leak damaging important areas of your property, putting IT equipment at risk, employees are unable to work, and you can’t find the source? What if the boiler’s electrical connections then malfunction? What a day!!

Your boiler could simply ‘lock out’! What if your boiler has a dirty flame sensor or dirty air filters? There could be sludge inside your radiators! There’s an airlock! Diverter Valves! Kettling! And in really cold weather your boiler’s condensate pipe could freeze? So much could go wrong.

Recently we were called out by an organisation that didn’t have a heating maintenance plan in place, they needed an engineer to diagnose and fix a specific issue. When our engineers arrived on site the same day to examine the plant room and heating system, it was discovered that the system was under relentless mechanical stress due to a straightforward diaphragm valve being broken. We replaced the part and the boiler’s now as good as new. We also now have a happy new customer with a system that will be checked every year.

Some issues can be rectified simply, others require experienced and professional engineers to diagnose and repair. Therefore, it’s imperative to have, at least, one annual boiler check by an experienced engineer who will give your boiler a thorough service to prevent breakdowns and keep the worries of Friday 13th away!

Don’t turn off the light. Don’t walk under ladders. Don’t walk past black cats. Don’t be unlucky by letting your boiler just ‘die’. Now’s a good time to avoid that misery and prevent any unnecessary costs.

To discuss any service or maintenance options, or if your heating system requires a repair, please get in touch and our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to listen and advise.