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Heating: Energy Efficiency

In our industry, heating and energy efficiency is important. It’s well-known that boilers lose efficiency over time, that’s why at Aircon Group we always suggest a maintenance plan at least every year to keep your boiler in the best possible working order. 

However, research suggests (and there’s no getting away from this!) that if your commercial boiler is over or becoming close to ten years old, you really should consider a full replacement.

Condensing boilers as a heating alternative

Over fifty percent of your energy bill will invariably come from hot water and heating usage. How about reducing this? As well as your carbon footprint?

Using an energy efficient boiler, no matter the size of your commercial building, will not only help lower carbon emissions but will save energy by reducing the amount of gas used. In fact, the difference in gas consumption is quite significant.

Although a conventional gas boiler provides around a 75% efficiency rate, they do lose passive gas heat through the flue. A condensing gas boiler with a superior control system will recover this heat to provide 90% efficiency. 

It’s using only the energy that’s required, no more. Clever. From that much smaller footprint, your boiler’s producing a higher output. Want a lower bill and do your bit for the environment at the same time? Here you have it.

Condensing boilers can save you money

Do you like the prospect of saving even more money?

There are some condensing boilers out there that can allow your business to write off the cost of buying through what’s called Enhanced Capital Allowances. Bonus!

So, whether it’s the right time for you or not, it’s always good to have an idea of when you may look to switch to a more efficient, low carbon emission boiler. 

If that time is now, our trained and experienced engineers can do this for you because every installation we conduct always aligns with stringent British Standards. 

We’re a big fan of condensing boilers

After all, who doesn’t want to be energy efficient? It’s not just good news for you, for us, and for the planet. It’s also good news for your business.

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