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Helping You To Schedule Maintenance

At the Aircon Group, we strive to take care of all our customers, from large global companies to small local businesses. After the disruptions caused by COVID-19 and the delays in returning to the office, many of our customers fell out of the habit of scheduling regular maintenance for their air conditioning systems. Smaller organisations don’t have the resources or capacity for a maintenance manager dedicated to booking air conditioning maintenance, they rely on us to remind them.

We recently noticed that a local building supplies company was overdue for maintenance on their small air conditioning system. We recommend maintenance every six months; therefore, we reached out to them, and then they realised they had overlooked this essential service. We promptly sent them a quote, and now, their maintenance is scheduled every six months for the next two years.

After a good clean, the system is running efficiently; a well-maintained system uses less power, costs less to run and is better for the environment. We perform checks to ensure that the F-gas used in the refrigeration process is not leaking, these gases are bad for the environment, the air conditioning system is also less likely to develop a fault as the pump and compressor are not overworked.