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What Are The Hot New Food Trends For 2020?

Delivery company Deliveroo has revealed its predictions for trends in the takeaway industry for 2020. Some of the hot food trends coming your way soon include…

Grazing: More people are eating ‘little and often with some people eating up to six smaller meals each day. According to Deliveroo snacking increases by 168% during the winter months!

Vegan food: The request for plant-based options will continue to grow and grow, with vegan orders increasing by an incredible 330% over the last two years. Even people who aren’t vegan all the time will occasionally request a meat-free meal for health or environmental reasons.

Street food: Street food is becoming more and more popular, with places popping up all over the country. Street food is eaten by 2.5 billion people across the world every day, with Indian, Thai and Greek being the snacks of choice.

Fresh pasta: Dry pasta is no longer fashionable, with fresh pasta restaurants making a comeback, and searches for fresh pasta restaurants and recipes increasing by 68% in the past three months.

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