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Office Air Conditioning Services Rotherham

If you are looking for office air conditioning services in Rotherham, you have come to the right place. At Aircon Group, we are experts in providing air conditioning solutions for a wide range of businesses and projects.

Office air conditioning is essential in order to create a safe and conducive working environment to allow employees to function effectively. It also ensures smooth running  of heat-generating electronic devices such as computers, scanners and printers.

At Aircon Group, we offer many different air conditioning systems that are suitable for offices. Each of our AC systems has its own unique cooling and heating properties. 

Your choice on office air conditioning services in Rotherham depends on the size of your office, budget, quality and maintenance requirements. However, for office use we recommend split air systems, multi split systems, cassette systems and ducted systems for the job.

A split air conditioning system is usually the most effective solution for office use. Ideal for small offices, split systems can heat and cool specific areas in the office and are very convenient when it comes to installation.

They are also energy efficient and can also help reduce electricity consumption. Individual split systems are also self-contained, so if one unit breaks down it won’t affect the functionality of other units.

Multi split air conditioning systems share similarities to single split systems. However, they use less external space and can connect up to nine indoor units using a single outdoor unit. With multi-split systems, you can have both wall and ceiling mounted indoor units.

Cassette air conditioning systems are also a space saver and can provide cool air to accommodate ten to fifteen people in an office. 

The cassette-like shape makes them practical for installing on your office ceiling and the stylish panels can blend seamlessly with office decor. They are also high performing and can be used for both large and small office spaces. 

Ducted air conditioning systems perform well and can have high energy efficiency. They work with a single outdoor unit, which means it is not necessary to install multiple units in different rooms. 

They can also be aesthetically pleasing because they are installed out of the way on the ceiling and they don’t take up space on the walls.

For more information on office air conditioning services in Rotherham; give us a call on 01642 249026 (North East office) or 01709 367001 (Yorkshire office). Alternatively, email us at sales@aircongroup.com