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Our Guide on Water Heaters

Water heaters! Would you know where your water heater is? Is it in the plant room or on a wall in the kitchen? Large water heaters are often mistaken for boilers and almost become the poor relative but they are just as important and should be treated with respect.  

With this in mind, our excellent heating engineers can repair, service, maintain, and install gas and electric water heaters.

If properly serviced and maintained, ideally twice a year, your water heater’s life expectancy can extend to 12 years, because it’s fair to say that it’s not necessary to heat your water constantly.

With a maintenance plan in place with Aircon Group’s heating department, our engineers will drain and flush the system to remove any lingering sediment and minerals that will cause, in the long run, rust and corrosion. They will also service the heating elements which will immediately improve the energy efficiency of the heater.

They will then check the operational integrity of the heater’s main safety features – the temperature and pressure relief valve which, if not working properly, could lead to your heater exploding due to a build up of pressure caused by an excessively high temperature. Bearing in mind that the general temperature inside a water heater is already around the 55°C to 60°C mark, this could be catastrophic whatever the environment.

Your water heater may look clean and tidy on the outside, so you may question whether it needs a service or not but don’t be deceived.

What about the bacteria?

The build up at the bottom of your water heater could be a rabid breeding ground for harmful, health-impacting bacteria that you cannot see? Once that starts, it can be very difficult to eliminate leading, more often than not, to a very expensive replacement.

What about hard water?

Limescale from hard water can significantly build up in your water heater which can block the drain hole. Once this happens and your heater can no longer drain, it will then be almost impossible to restore the seal, that will inevitably lead to your heater reaching a point where it can no longer be maintained, resulting in a costly replacement. 

See below build up before and after descaling.

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