Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioning

Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioning
Aircon Group Ltd are specialist suppliers in Commercial & Industrial Air-Conditioning with over 50 years of experience within the industry.

We can offer design services, installation and preventative maintenance programmes to meet any bespoke requirement from simple comfort cooling through to sophisticated heat recovery projects. We can also offer heat recovery systems that can provide both heating and cooling facilities at the same time utilising the latest refrigeration CFC free gases. All systems are designed with environmental factors in mind, in line with the latest regulations and carbon footprint issues.

Economical, inverter driven Air-Conditioning units operate using environmental friendly refrigerants and Aircon Group will work tirelessly with all of our customers on change management programmes to phase out banned refrigerants and meet current industry regulations that have to be in place by 2015.

We are always able to offer all the leading manufacturers at affordable prices: e.g. Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba, Sanyo, Hitachi & Fujitsu and as we are not tied to one manufacturer, we can offer many different options to the client, ensuring the best possible solution at all times.

Our products include:

  • Wall Mounted Systems
  • Floor Mounted Systems
  • Multi-Split Units
  • Concealed Ducted Systems
  • Ceiling Cassette Systems
  • Ceiling Suspended Systems
  • Air Curtain Systems
  • VRF Multi Systems
  • Air Handling Units
  • Portable AC Units
  • R22 Phase out

Until about 2002 R22 was a very commonly used refrigerant in air conditioning systems. This refrigerant contains Hydroflourocarbons (HCFC’s), which are harmful to the ozone layer. Under the Kyoto Protocol these refrigerants are now restricted or banned.

From 1st January 2010 it became illegal to use virgin (new) HCFC’s like R22. Until 31st December 2014 recycled R22 can be used for servicing or maintenance but ever increasing rarity and rising costs make it an increasing financial burden and non cost effective.

As part of the Kyoto Protocol R22 will be banned totally from 1st January 2015.

Aircon Group Ltd can help you!

We can assess your systems and create a ROLL-OUT programme for you to either, replace your existing inefficient ageing R22 systems with new super efficient inverter systems or retro-fit your existing systems with a replacement long term refrigerant.

Call us or visit our contact page to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.

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