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Recycle Week 2022

In recognition of Recycle Week 2022, at Aircon Group we wanted to enlighten our customers and clients on the ways in which we are doing our bit to recycle and consider the environment every step of the way.

The team at Aircon Group are always striving to make the best efforts to do their bit for the environment, in any way possible. 

We spoke to James Farrell, Head of Design & Projects at Aircon Group, to get a full understanding of how the business is taking action to support Recycle Week 2022.

Can you explain what Recycle Week means for Aircon Group and why is it important to recycle?

Recycle Week is incredibly important to try to continue and heighten awareness of recycling needs in 2022. In recent times things have progressed but we all need to continue and push this on further. 

Aircon Group is ISO 14001 accredited and we map out and manage environmental impacts extremely carefully.

What are the environmental benefits of recycling?

Recycling helps to protect our natural resources. By recycling we limit our need to harvest raw materials for production. In turn we can also reduce energy needs and therefore carbon emissions.

What happens to the waste Aircon Group produces?

All waste produced by Aircon Group is sorted in the warehouse and disposed of correctly. We have waste bins for landfill and separate areas for cardboard/paper, metals, and WEEE waste. 

Refrigerant is captured on site and sent back to the manufacturers where they either purify it for their re-sale, sold and labelled as ‘reclaimed refrigerant’, or it can be broken down into its fundamental elements for use in petrochemical industries.

Can Aircon Group be doing more to recycle? Do you have any goals?

Aircon Group operates on a continual improvement basis. Through Management Review and information from industry we are constantly assessing our procedures for better ways to conduct our business from a quality and environmental standpoint.

At Aircon Group we can supply recycled gas but it does come at an additional cost. However if protecting the environment is important to our customers then we are happy to support them to meet their environmental standards.

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