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Benefits of Hiring a Refrigerated Trailer

To complement our wide range of refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heating services, Aircon Group is also an industry leader in portable cold room hire in the form of refrigerated trailers.

These trailers are perfect for any industry or event, whether you are a busy restaurant, pub or shop who need a temporary refrigeration solution quickly, or a bride and groom requiring onsite refrigeration services at your wedding, our systems operate from -20°c to +10°c, so from frozen to chilled, you are covered. The uses for refrigerated trailers are endless.

With this in mind, what are the real benefits of hiring a refrigerated trailer from Aircon Group?

A Fast and Easy Service

Arranging the delivery of a refrigerated trailer from Aircon Group is quick and straightforward. With a few phone calls, we can deliver a trailer to any location in the UK, perfect if you need a solution to replace a defective refrigeration unit in the short term, whilst we look into your main problem at hand.

Aircon Group has a fleet of refrigerated trailers which means we can meet the needs of our customers with a speedy service, no waiting around for a trailer to come back in from another site, we can get one out within 4 hours of confirmation, where available.

A Cost-Effective Solution

The team at Aircon Group are here to help. From the initial point of contact, we will advise on the correct solution that is needed, which means you get the best refrigeration solution to fit your circumstances. The added bonus if the trailer is utilised for a sudden breakdown, is your delivery driver will be one of our 21 refrigeration engineers who can get straight to work on your existing refrigeration system to get you back online.

Time means money, especially when it comes to refrigeration, you need to make sure that the time spent getting a trailer is as short as possible, meaning you have a minimal loss in income.

If you have food goods that may spoil quickly, the quick implementation of a refrigerated trailer can help you save money. Just think of the money saved if you don’t have to throw good food stock in the bin? The cost of hiring a refrigerated trailer far outstrips the value of the wastage in stock and replacement. Or do you have a cold room you’d like to replace but don’t want to take it offline for a week whilst the work is carried out? Aircon Group will provide a trailer whilst we carry out the work, keeping your business running!

Ready To Go

Once Aircon Group has delivered the trailer, there is very little you need to do. The trailer can be wired into the mains easily, or it can be run off portable generators if you are at an event or location with no access to electricity.

In a few short days or even hours, from contacting the team at Aircon Group, you can go from having no refrigeration capabilities or very little, to having all the extra room you need.

If you are looking to hire a refrigerated trailer and want to discuss your requirements with the team at Aircon Group, contact us today.