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Don’t Get Stuck Without A Refrigeration Solution During The Busy Festive Period

As the famous advert always states “holidays are coming”. The festive period is upon us and with it comes the added pressure on retailers and hospitality outlets up and down the country. 

With the added pressures and increased spending at the tills also comes the additional demands on systems and equipment. The last thing you need is for your refrigeration to break down, especially if you are in the hospitality sector. When your refrigeration systems are down, it can damage your bottom line and your reputation.

At the busiest time of the year, you don’t want to cancel those busy Christmas party bookings due to an inability to keep food fresh. The issue can hit you twice. Not only are you losing out on more significant bookings and profits, but you will also have to throw any food and produce in the bin and eventually replace it once your refrigeration is back up and running.

What if we told you that this could be avoided? You can keep your restaurant up and running in no time with very little wastage with a refrigerated trailer, hired by the team at Aircon Group.

Our refrigerated trailers offer the perfect solution for customers who need a quick refrigeration solution. Our trailers are perfect for busy restaurants, pubs or shops, they operate from -20°c to +10°c, so from frozen to chilled, you are covered. With a few phone calls to the team at Aircon Group, we can get a refrigerated trailer delivered to you, anywhere in the UK. In some cases, we can get you a refrigerated trailer within four hours of confirmation, meaning you will see very little in food spoilage and waste.

When our refrigerated trailer is delivered, it can be put online really quickly. The refrigerated trailer can be wired into the mains meaning it will have a constant source of power with no interruption or can be run off portable generators if positioned in a location that could be difficult to wire.

The best thing about hiring a refrigerated trailer from Aircon Group? If your refrigeration system has fallen into disrepair, the delivery driver will be one of the Aircon engineers, meaning if required, they will be able to advise you on your broken refrigeration system and the best solutions to get it back online.

Make sure you have the full refrigeration capabilities this festive period with a refrigerated trailer from Aircon Group.

If you are looking to hire a refrigerated trailer and want to discuss your requirements with the team at Aircon Group, contact us today.