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Cold Rooms, Blast Chillers, Freezers

Aircon Group can design and build any size of refrigerated room a customer may require, from 10°C to -30°C, from a small butchers’ cold room to a large food production room in a manufacturing plant.

We also supply and install high and low-temperature display cases from 4°C down to a temperature of -20°C.

From the initial enquiry, our design team works closely with the customer to calculate the necessary calculations of the rooms being refrigerated, we consider the food type, temperatures and moisture content over a required time.

Equipment efficiency is extremely important to ensure running costs are at an optimal level, the type of refrigerant required is always a high priority together with adhering to sector regulations the company must adhere to and the customers budget on capital spend.

Controlling the refrigeration system can be diverse so we design what is best for the customers operating processes.

We supply and install all the necessary cold room panelling, flooring and lighting together with the refrigeration equipment, offering a turnkey solution that meets the customers’ needs.

Our ‘off the shelf’ smaller chiller and freezer rooms are extremely popular with catering companies, small retail outlets, public houses, and hotel chains.

For supermarkets, convenience stores and cafes we provide and install complete upright, under the counter and modular refrigerated display cabinets for storing, preserving, and displaying fresh, frozen, and chilled produce, ensuring food is kept at an optimum temperature at all times.

“James, may I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the efforts in and getting these works completed ahead of schedule, also yourself for the continual communication line, it has been more than useful. I have reported my positive feedback to our Projects Centre this morning – Thank you!”

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Commercial Water Chillers

The Aircon Group supply, deliver and install water chillers for process cooling or fresh air cooling.

Previous case studies include universities, colleges, local authority office buildings and manufacturing plants. We supply and install water chilling plant from 5kw up to 4 megawatts together with all the necessary pipework services and electrical controls.

With the use of F-Gas compliant natural refrigerants in all of our refrigeration systems, we are focused on environmental impact as well as ensuring energy reduction and conservation.

Refrigerated Trailer Hire

We retain a fleet of Refrigerated Trailers capable of providing chilled and frozen storage solutions as a portable and quick, short-term storage solution. Our very popular Trailers operate from -20°c to +10°c and can run off a portable generator and mains power. To find out more, visit our specialist section.