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The requirement for good ventilation in buildings and other confined spaces is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Currently, ventilation for buildings is being revised to reflect lessons learned from Covid-19 at the beginning and the measures required to protect people moving forward.

Effective ventilation is vital in all workspaces, as it helps balance out the fresh outdoor air with the stale inside air and vents unwanted gases to the outdoors.

At Aircon Group, we are experts when it comes to ventilation and can provide useful guides and designs to ensure you have the correct system for your industry. A few are listed below:

There is a worldwide consensus that improving ventilation is one of the most effective ways to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. However, all vents and ductwork must be clean to ensure this is the case.

Design and Installation

It is vitally important that the building design is fit for purpose, that there is adequate space for access to services requiring maintenance, and service points are located away from occupied areas.

When it comes to system design, the correct components need to be selected and the system must be designed with hygiene cleaning in mind. When installing a ventilation system, ductwork access doors must be installed to the correct sizes and orientation and the system must be commissioned to achieve design performance.

We have dedicated Contracts Managers, with a combined experience of more than sixty years in ventilation design and installation, they take all calculations below into account:

Our breadth of experience ensures you keep up to date with all current regulations and good practice.

System Maintenance

Aircon Group is a specialist company with the skills, knowledge, and experience across the range of services that are needed for ventilation system maintenance, testing and validation expertise across a range of industries.

Ventilation system maintenance is a proven engineering solution to increase ventilation rates and reduce operational costs. Inspecting ductwork annually costs significantly less than air cleaning alternatives, such as UV systems which are costly to replace.

Poor ventilation in commercial applications can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, it is important to have an expert inspect and maintain your heating equipment and ventilation system annually. By taking care of and properly maintaining your ventilation system, you’ll have efficient, clean air, heating and cooling that will provide for your employee’s/customers comfort and safety for many years to come.

Different types of ventilation systems require different testing, maintenance and verifications to meet different industry regulatory requirements. Normally maintenance is carried out bi-annually, but this can be increased for high-risk environments.

Well maintained ventilation systems will avoid:

Ventilation maintenance can be complemented with AirSafe, which kills enveloped viruses and bacteria including Covid. Find out more here…