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The Aircon Doctor: Air Conditioning Energy Saving Controls

Choosing the right balance between reducing aircon running costs, whilst maintaining quality comfort levels is paramount these days.

Utilising products that can automatically eliminate the unnecessary usage of air conditioning is also a sensible choice for any business. Our intelligent controls can fully support your business to help reduce your running costs, especially with the volatile price increases in energy recently experienced. 

The controls will also extend equipment life by eliminating premature wear and tear on your capital equipment as this will be isolated in the absence of any occupancy.

We have an array of products to meet individual budgets and smart objectives, simply from a plug and play option, to more sophisticated applications that can also monitor doors and windows via wireless technology.

The products complement many arenas to include:

For more information on the aircon services we offer and how they can benefit your business during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, give us a call on 01642 630521 (Northeast office) or 01709 288030 (Yorkshire office).