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The Aircon Doctor: Avoid Sick Condenser Syndrome

When it comes to the extensive range of services we offer on aircon, refrigeration, and heating; our work goes far beyond the contracting and installation of equipment for your business.

The cleaning of both a condenser and an evaporator should, as a rule, be covered on a maintenance contract, unless a deep clean is required and a report is presented for perusal. 

Having properly maintained equipment becomes business-critical, otherwise your equipment will operate inefficiently and therefore cost more to run. It could actually end up being up to 30% more. Aircon Group can happily assist to alleviate the worry.

For over 50 years we have been working with clients in the UK and overseas and have realised that not everyone has a maintenance contract in place to ensure their equipment is running as efficiently as it should.

If your business has a blocked condenser and no maintenance contract in place, this will inevitably result in serious equipment failure. Sometimes catastrophic. As such any repairs will cost significantly more than any regular maintenance contract would. 

In our 100+ years of combined industry knowledge and expertise, we guarantee that prevention is always better than the cure.

Generally, with poor or non-maintained equipment, running costs can be amplified by as much as 30% overall. Aircon Group is working with one specialist client who is spending more than £18,000.00 per month on electricity, resulting from a lack of good maintenance on their main capital plant from a previous service provider. 

Our industry experts can support you with advice and sustainable proposals to give you the best option on running costs and savings where possible. Our condition reports will highlight any improvements needed to help grasp the nettle with spiralling energy costs. 

We are currently working to provide a phased plan with our client to reduce running costs overall, and the maths will speak for itself once the phased plan is embraced and implemented in 2022.

Also, now more than ever, with Covid-19 and all the variants still very much present in society, it is important to make sure that your business is also as safe as possible for staff and customers. 

In addition to the ongoing difficulty businesses are facing due to Covid-19; our water-based, environmentally friendly, pH-neutral sanitiser AirSafe, can kill 99.99% of all enveloped viruses in just 60 seconds and stays active for six months guaranteed!

AirSafe is suitable for a wide range of applications, including bars and restaurants, nightclubs, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and clinics, supermarkets and small shops, offices and communal workspaces, colleges and universities, libraries, waiting rooms, and more. The list is not exhaustive.

AirSafe can be applied to a multitude of equipment such as:

For more information on the services, we offer and how they can benefit your business during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, give us a call on 01642 249026 (Northeast office) or 01709 367001 (Yorkshire office).