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The Aircon Doctor: Cellar Cooling Health Check

This week we’re going for a different flavour on the Aircon Doctor. Let’s discuss the benefits of having a healthy cellar cooling system, which is in fact a refrigeration system.

Generally, a beer cellar should be kept at around 11 degrees Celsius, and in most cases, it takes around 48 hours to cool a keg or cask of beer to optimum temperature.

However, cellar cooling that is not firing on all cylinders can dramatically elevate the time taken to cool the beer down to where it needs to be. This means that there will be a heavy cost involved.

Ensuring that your cellar cooling is properly maintained is essential to cost savings across the board, as this hits the gross margin on sales.

Blocked grilles, evaporators, and condensers will certainly contribute to increased running costs – as much as 40% in some cases! Typical running costs over a year for a small average size outlet is well in the region of £1,500 – £2,000, so if your cellar cooling is in good condition, this can amount to as much as an £800 saving.

In the cellar itself, cleanliness is also a major factor. As beer contains yeast and yeast is alive, the cellar cooling evaporator will become choked quickly if not kept in check and cleaned regularly.

The same principle also applies to the beer line cooler, also sometimes known as a ’flash cooler’, which is also generally installed in the cellar. Loose fittings and leaking pipes always tend to discharge into the cooling water and ice bank.

Unfortunately, over a small period the water quickly turns to jelly, which then blocks recirculating pumps and can burn out agitator motors very quickly.

The cellar cooling health check from the Aircon Group will resolve any issues present and give you the peace of mind that all your cooling equipment is in tip top shape and not costing you any unnecessary profit loss.

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