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The Aircon Doctor: Risk of Acidic System Contamination

From our experience, and without a regular maintenance regime in place, your aircon system’s mechanical joints, such as Flare Nuts, will contract and expand as they cool down and heat up respectively, depending on which mode you are using and the time of year.

In some instances, weak mechanical joints can cause refrigerant loss, which only amplifies further problems to the system with the inherent risk of critical failure.

Any air conditioning or refrigeration system for that matter, without the means of isolation through certain types of safety pressure controls, will continue to operate until the system is entirely void of refrigerant. This is where things can seriously deteriorate.

Moisture ingress can be introduced to the system at this point, causing acid to form. The acid can and will cause severe damage to the compressor and other parts of the system. Acid will deteriorate the insulation of the compressor motor windings and in advanced stages cause full system burnout. 

Unless a damaged system has been totally neutralised after a burnout, the likelihood of further burnouts is inevitable.

System burnout is an expensive, laborious task to undertake and will have a limited success rate if the system is not totally neutralised and void of any acidic content.

The prevention today by having good maintenance is far better than the long-term outcome and avoidable expense. This is where Aircon Group can help.

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