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The Aircon Doctor: System Design & Installation Pt 1

Incorrect outdoor unit positioning, high outdoor ambient temperatures (where we have no control whatsoever) and airflow restrictions, (where we do have full control), will always cause high head pressure in any aircon system.

When refrigerant is not properly condensed into liquid form due to a high condensing temperature, this makes the AC system extremely inefficient and severely impacts on the heat rejection process, generating ridiculously high running costs.

Equally, elevated temperature readings from your AC will indicate potential damage is already occurring to your AC system. The system needs to operate within a specific pressure range to remain effective. 

High pressure will gradually lead to major component failure, such as the compressor. If not corrected in time, the repairs will be extremely costly.

It is obvious when an outdoor air conditioning unit has been designed and sited incorrectly. Sometimes the positioning of the unit has been seen as an ‘after thought.’ 

The decision to site the unit incorrectly can be influenced by the need to seek Planning Authority Permissions or landlord’s consent. Taking this into account, excessive running conditions and additional component strain are also overlooked as a result.

Looking from the overall design perspective, it is imperative that your outdoor unit is installed in the correct environment to operate properly and remaining effective. If a unit is installed outside of the intended design parameters, there could be a potential impact on any warranty claim in the expected event of component failure.

Any system designed, installed, and commissioned from the Aircon Group gives you the peace of mind that all considerations have been noted before any system is selected for your application as design is key. 

Our fully experienced multi-disciplined Design Team and resolute Project Managers, will always go the extra mile to ensure your AC system is designed, installed, and commissioned correctly, to exceed your expectations.

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