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The Aircon Doctor: World Health Day

As today is World Health Day, it is especially important to ensure the wellbeing of our loved ones, colleagues, and friends to be paramount. Being comfortable is a key factor in today’s society, which in turn contributes to everyone’s happiness.

Unfortunately, poor environmental conditions can have an undesired impact on our happiness in many ways, especially whilst at work, or at home for that matter. 

Therefore, the importance of a healthy air conditioning system, in whatever capacity, is critical to supporting our wellbeing and happiness.

Here are our top 10 benefits of a healthy air conditioning system:

  1. Reduction in high humidity
  2. Preventative measures against asthma attacks and allergies
  3. Improved air quality
  4. Reduction in the risk of heat stroke 
  5. Helps to reduce the additional risk of dehydration
  6. Reduced impact with insects and parasites
  7. Supports the decrease in work stress
  8. Controls odours and fumes
  9. Supports the preservation of a dry atmosphere to thwart mould growth
  10. An AirSafe treated system will give you a guarantee for 6 months against enveloped viruses and bacteria strains.

Happy World Health Day everyone!

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