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The Importance of Water Cooling Systems

At Aircon Group, we know how critical it is to keep water cooling systems running smoothly to improve the efficiency of the system and extend the lifespan.

Scaling, corrosion and microbiological growth can cause major issues for water cooling systems, resulting in high operational costs and reduced performance. 

Over time, these problems can result in system downtime and threaten health and safety because of Legionella. To ensure everything is running how it should be, we carry out Legionella testing and maintenance of water cooling systems  at Aircon Group.

We work with clients to balance cooling tower blowdown control, with proper cooling tower chemical treatment and establish appropriate control parameters which optimises water usage and heat exchange efficiency.

What are some of the problems that water cooling systems face?

Energy Efficiency

Heat transfer that is inefficient will translate to an increase in consumption of energy, which in turn can contribute to a larger carbon footprint. 

We deliver programs that help improve the cleanliness of heat transfer surfaces, reducing energy waste. The program delivers – 

Water Optimisation

Water optimisation within cooling systems should be an important consideration for any water treatment control scheme. 

At Aircon Group we look at water treatment challenges and address the mechanical, operational and chemical considerations of the cooling water system. Our program delivers –

Asset Protection

Poor control strategies of water treatment can result in corrosion occurring within the metallurgy of the system.

Loss of metal from corrosion can lead to equipment failure, as well as downstream consequences of heavy metals with discharge water. Therefore we help to deliver –

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