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Unusual Uses For Refrigeration

When people think of Commercial Refrigeration they normally think of supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. However, did you know that other industries use Refrigeration and Chilling too? Join us as we take a look at some of the more unusual uses out there at the moment.

Coldrooms in clothes stores… helping to keep you warm!

Canada Goose has introduced Coldrooms in five of its flagship stores so that customers can try out their jackets before they buy. The company, which specialises in coats and jackets for inclement weather conditions, has Coldrooms set to -27°C so customers can find out how well their jackets keep the cold air out. The cold rooms even have sounds and visuals so customers feel like they are in the Arctic!

Freezers for pest control in museums!

Did you know that many museums use Freezers to ‘quarantine’ artefacts? The Freezers are used to kill off pests that may reside in books. textiles, furniture and animals, reducing damage and the risk of infestation. The Natural History Museum has four Freezers that are used… one of which is large enough to treat an adult rhino! Some museums also use Heat Chambers for artefacts that do not respond well to the cold and to dry out plant specimens.

Water Chillers… making pasta, faster!

Water Chillers have a variety of uses in the food industry, but one of the most unusual is the way they are used to make pasta! An extruder is used in the pasta making process to give the pasta its unique shape and style, with the pasta dough pushed through moulds. As the pasta dough passes through the extruder, the friction of the pasta being pushed through the moulds increases the temperature of the dough, increasing the risk of the pasta being damaged and altering the texture of the dough. A Water Chiller is used to keep the temperature of the pasta as low as possible when it exits the extruder, ensuring perfect pasta on your plate!

Cold storage in parcel lockers

The first robotic parcel lockers with cold storage have been launched in Finland. The lockers have been created to provide customers with a safe place to store groceries ordered online. Online food shopping is currently very popular all over the world and these new lockers will allow Finns to order food and drink and collect it at a time convenient to them, twenty-four hours a day.

Refrigeration… in space?

Even though the temperature in outer space is a staggeringly cold -270°C, Refrigeration is still used onboard satellites, to keep the delicate sensors and wiring from overheating.