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We’re Giving Back This Christmas

At Aircon Group, we are giving back this Christmas. We believe that it’s important to give back to the community. Why? Because we feel it results in a better place for our employees to live and work, and benefits members of the communities in which we work. 

With Christmas fast approaching, we wanted to come together as a team to do our bit, get involved with some new activities, fundraise, and support a range of charities, we asked all employees to vote for their favourite. 

We recognise that the charity team at Sheffield Children’s Hospital goes above and beyond to make the hospital even better than it already is. They ensure that every child is provided with the very best opportunities by organising everything higher than standard NHS provision.

Fully funded by donations, they are opening a new world-class cancer and leukaemia ward to serve patients from a large geographical area, including the Tees Valley, North Yorkshire, Sheffield, and beyond.

Throughout the month of December, we are extremely excited to be donating toys and £1,000 to Sheffield Children’s Hospital. With Christmas just around the corner, this will help the children receiving treatment at the hospital who can’t go home wake up and still enjoy Christmas with presents delivered to the ends of their beds.

Our lovely staff at Aircon Group will be gathering brand new gifts for little ones and teenagers who are often missed, including toys, toiletries, books, and more to help put a smile on their faces this Christmas.

As well as fundraising for the wonderful Sheffield Children’s Hospital, we will be running our annual Christmas Jumper Day filled with fun activities and a tasty buffet to help raise funds for Save The Children.

We are also encouraging all of our staff to carry out a Christmas Cupboard Clear Out and donate any unopened and unused tins or packets of food to provide those who need it with sufficient help. Our North East branch are donating to Tees Valley Education, who will make the donations into hampers for the children to take home. Our Yorkshire branch will donate to the Rotherham food bank, which supports families and the elderly. 

To round off a brilliant year and further help give back to our community, we will also be volunteering at JPC Community Farm in any way that is required. This may involve looking after the animals, a spot of painting, and some of our engineers may be able to support with more technical requirements.

Whatever you can do to help this Christmas, we encourage you to get involved and do the best you can to give back to those who need it the most.

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