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Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

Today is Air Conditioning Appreciation Day which, if you haven’t guessed already, is something that we here at Aircon Group would like to take part and pay some attention to.

To show our appreciation we’re going to be running through some of our top 5 reasons why we love air conditioning at Aircon Group.

  1. Cooling & Heating Comfort – Our first point is pretty plain and simple and is probably something that everyone, including you, could agree with — it helps keep us cool and comfortable on a hot and sticky day, but many still don’t realise it will keep you snug and warm during the harshest winter days and nights. Standard AC systems actually offer slightly better heating output than they do cooling!
  2. Cleaner Air – Not only do these machines provide us with a cool and comfortable living or working environment when we need it, but thanks to the filers they also help to remove pollutants and irritants from the air. This is especially important for people who suffer from things like allergies, asthma or hayfever. However, this benefit only remains valid if your system is kept clean and filters are regularly changed. Otherwise, the AC can actually contribute to indoor air pollution. TOP TIP: If you’ve received a commercial or industrial air conditioning solution from Aircon Group and think your solution may need a service or check-up to make sure everything is still in working order, get in touch with the team at Aircon. Ask us about our planned preventative maintenance service and if we can help you maximise the life of your air conditioning unit!
  3. Bespoke Solutions – As we are not only a user of air conditioning but also a provider, we have other reasons to love air conditioning that others might not. This includes being able to design and provide customers with solutions that are unique to them and their requirements rather than providing out of the box “built for all” units.
  4. Environmentally Friendly – Naturally with the creation of most large mechanical units like these, harmful environmental factors come with it. Not at Aircon Group. With environmental factors in mind, we love providing air conditioning units knowing all systems are supplied in line with the latest regulations, and if your power supply is from a green, renewable source, this then combats any carbon footprint issues.
  5. System Flexibility – We love providing air conditioning solutions to customers across the nation, but we also love the challenge that comes with it! This includes creating a range of system solutions for a range of different environments and customer requirements, including:

Show your appreciation by arranging a service or check-up for your air conditioning unit.