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Aircon Group Celebrates 60 Years

Aircon Group is celebrating its remarkable 60th anniversary this September, a testament to the relentless dedication of its founders, employees, and supporters over the years. Evolving from a family-run entity, the group has acquired five other family businesses to shape its present identity.

When asked to highlight three significant achievements, Managing Director Steve Farrell said, “assembling an exceptional team, surviving the 2007/2008 recession, and the milestone Ascension Island project.” Steve emphasises that the team’s collective commitment, positive attitude, and adherence to company values contribute to Aircon Group’s growth.

The 2007/2008 recession posed challenges, but under Steve’s guidance, they emerged stronger. Keith Quinn, branch manager added, “There was so much uncertainty around the business, but he remained confident.” Steve now continues to play an active role in financial matters.

With over fifty employees across two sites, Sophie McJimpsey, Branch Manager, emphasises their commitment to nurturing talent through extensive training, leading to a workforce with exceptional work ethics and dedication.

“They all care,” said Steve, ” prioritise customer satisfaction, have a positive attitude and uphold the company’s ethos and values, collectively contributing to the company’s growth.”

James Farrell, contracts designer and Ben Farrell, engineer, also proud sons of Steve, applaud the prestigious clients they collaborate with and admire their efforts in embracing innovation and energy efficiency- whilst also meeting the demands of the business. The pinnacle achievement, the Ascension Island project for Interserve Defence, tested and united the team. A Refrigerated Ration Store built on the remote Ascension Island in 2018 was a significant endeavour that showcased the group’s expertise. Transporting one forty-foot container, six twenty-foot containers and seven Reefers (refrigerated containers) to the island, constructing in extreme conditions, and crafting a comprehensive health and safety plan marked uncharted territory.

Steve said, “It was like going halfway around the world to build a rocket, you only get one chance!”

Despite the challenges, the project’s success exceeded expectations, earning commendation from Interserve Defence. The Aircon Group’s journey, from a family-run business to a seasoned industry player, reflects a legacy of resilience, innovation, and commitment to excellence.