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Allied Refrigeration Designs, Installs and Commissions New 25,000L Fabdec Bulk Milk Tank with Heat Recovery Options.

We received a call from Mr. Cook after a tanker had unfortunately run into his dairy, while this sounded like a tragedy at the time every cloud has a silver lining as we say. Mr. Cook was able to rethink his dairy set-up, consider options now available and make some changes which would improve the efficiency of the farm.

A site visit took place and a design was put together, Mr. Cook like many other farmers wanted to reap the benefits of the additional payments when milk isn’t collected daily, but with the existing 8000L Bulk Milk Tank that wasn’t possible.

Allied Refrigeration and Aircon Groups Managing Director, Steve Farrell, whose background is in refrigeration design conducted a review of the initial design and identified where Mr. Cook could gain further efficiencies, the design was then updated.

As another measure we contacted Fabdec and requested our account manager to attend site to again review the plan and ensure the Bulk Milk Tank could be transported to the farm and installed as required.

An order was placed, and the team eagerly waited for the call to say the new tank was ready and could be delivered.

James Farrell, Contracts Manager and Dave Saunders, Service Manager, project managed the install, drawing on both of their skills and experience, Dave said: “When the tank arrived, I didn’t realise just how big it would be, to see it up and running has been a great accomplishment for the team, the farm is in a beautiful location but working in minus temperatures, in hail and snow was challenging”. James Farrell said: “Driving up to the farm and seeing the tank in place with it’s new roof on just demonstrates how a large piece of kit can fit sympathetically in it’s surroundings.”

If you would like to explore the options of installing a new Bulk Milk Tank, please don’t hesitate to get in touch 01642 249026 or sales@aircongroup.com.