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Why Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important

As experts in Air Conditioning and Ventilation, Aircon Group recently undertook a service call on a client’s Air Conditioning system that had no regular maintenance. 

As such the system needed a specialist deep clean to restore normal and energy-efficient operation. The engineers from Aircon Group embraced the challenge and restored the system to full operation with minimal disruption to the clients’ operations.

During further discussions with the client, Aircon Group engineers discovered that the client had recently done considerable building works in their offices. The result was that the air conditioning system had become choked with building debris and plaster dust. 

Any air conditioning system that is restricted in operation due to blocked grilles, filters, or evaporators, will not work effectively and can cost as much as 30% more to run. Over time, this will significantly increase business costs as a result. 

Considering the recent announcements regarding energy bills, we are in no doubt that these are set to soar once again in April 2022, which will simply amplify business costs further. 

Air conditioning can be a contributing factor of over 40% of any business’s electricity consumption, albeit designed for best energy efficiency. Therefore, manufacturers insist on regular maintenance to validate firstly, any warranty in place and secondly, to avoid amplified electrical usage.

Unfortunately, in our example, the client did not have any maintenance in place at all. This was further confirmed when the engineers from Aircon Group discovered that the outdoor condenser was also choked with debris and contaminated with mould spores. 

The system in question had not been serviced for at least 3 years, which added risk to imminent component failure, along with potential environmental issues.

The experts from Aircon Group deep thoroughly deep cleaned the system with a low velocity power washer, to ensure all the dust and mould were removed. Once the necessary level of cleanliness was met, AirSafe, the revolutionary sanitiser, exclusively from Aircon Group, was applied to the system.

AirSafe is a water-based, environmentally friendly, pH-neutral sanitiser that kills 99.99% of all enveloped viruses in just 60 seconds. Once applied, AirSafe remains active for six months. This is also certified for the client for further reassurance and window stickers are provided for public perusal.

As Covid-19 and the variants are still very much at the forefront today, businesses are reaching out to Aircon Group, to help combat viruses in the workplace and keep everyone safe as deemed reasonably practicable, where we are obviously delighted to help.

Our client will soon to be moving to new premises, and after seeing the incredible results achieved on their air conditioning by our engineers, Aircon Group have been commissioned to service the air conditioning in the new premises before the relocation takes place.

As a result of the first-class service provided by Aircon Group, the client has also committed to a regular 6-monthly maintenance contract, to ensure that the system is fully serviced twice a year, to improve both energy efficiency and provide employees with the peace of mind their equipment and working environment are as safe as deemed reasonably practicable.

Aircon Group tailor maintenance contracts to suit any Air Conditioning, Ventilation or Refrigeration system in line with Manufacturer’s recommendations. Please see below our contact details for further information.











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