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Warehouse Heating For Your Business

At Aircon Group, as well as being specialists in air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration; our dedicated team of engineers have impressive expertise and knowledge in warehouse heating systems to suit your business needs.

Do you own a warehouse? Do you struggle to keep the temperature of your workplace at an adequate level for your employees to complete their day-to-day operations? 

Choosing effective heating for a warehouse space can present some challenges. In the decision-making process, you should consider the type of building you wish to heat and also the general layout of your facilities within your warehouse.

It is important to get it right in the early stages to avoid poor heat distribution for employees. Choosing the wrong heating system can also result in energy wastage, which can increase the running costs of your warehouse as well as your carbon footprint.

To find out what we can offer you at Aircon Group in terms of sufficient warehouse heating solutions, please continue reading.

When it comes to heating a warehouse, there are two main forms of suitable heating: radiant tube heating and warm heating.

Warm air heating warms the air in the space, which will keep your employees warm in their working environment. Distributed evenly by a fan, the warm air fills the space to ensure a consistently acceptable temperature at all times.

To ensure the air is distributed evenly throughout the warehouse, you should invest in a well-designed warm air heating system. For the system to adequately eliminate cold spots, the key is to make sure that air is free to travel throughout your space with no obstructions.

Winterwarm XR+ series

At Aircon Group, we work closely with the supplier Winterwarm to bring you a heating system that is the perfect solution for heating warehouses.

An upgrade from their well-known XR unit air heaters, the XR+ heater is a non-condensing gas fired heater with improved performance for comfortable and efficient heating of industrial and commercial buildings. 

The XR+ heating system is compact with a reduced weight and is non-condensing (no condensate necessary). It also features flexible airflow direction, which means that the heat is distributed evenly around your warehouse as you require. As well as this, the inverted heat exchanger gives more even temperature.

This heating solution also features increased air volume, delta-T control, and a modulating premix burner and fan.

What’s better, you can control up to 8 heaters with just the one thermostat and if you wish, control by 0-10 V or by modbus.

If you think the Winterwarm XR+ heating system could benefit you and your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our knowledgeable team can help with all of your warehouse heating requirements. Contact us on 01642 249026 (North East office) or 01709 367001 (Yorkshire office).